The Best Food Type For Dogs
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Dogs are man's best friends and they make the best pets and companions. Unfortunately, a lot of dogs die because of poor nutrition. A lot of dog owners don't know what to feed their dogs, which can be detrimental to the dog's health.

Instead of opting for canned/artificial foods, you may have to start considering natural foods for dogs. Natural food for dogs is the best type of food to give your dogs.

There are also natural foods for improving the skin and coat of your dogs. Why? Because, a sign of poor nutrition in dogs is skin/coat allergy. To learn more about See Spot Eat: Natural Food for Dogs, visit on hyperlinked site.

In this article, we will look at the various diseases that would come from poor nutritional management of your dog, and the best type of food to give your dog.

3 Diseases Caused By Poor Dog Nutrition

Your dog will be at a lower risk of having cancer if you feed it properly. Let's look at three diseases that would come up if you don't pay attention to your dog's nutrition.

Gastrointestinal diseases

Gastrointestinal diseases affect the digestive system of your dog. Some forms of these diseases include gastritis, colitis, gastrointestinal distress, etc. Feeding your dog with quality digestible foods like fish or vegetables will go a long way in reducing incidents of gastrointestinal diseases.


Feeding your dog well does not translate to overfeeding it. Remember that one form of healthy nutrition involves taking foods in appropriate amounts. You may have to avoid giving your dogs excess body fats. Being overweight increases the risk of cancer and cardiovascular disease.

Skin and fur diseases

When a dog does not feed well, you may begin to notice skin itching and shedding of its coat/fur. It is important to feed your dog with foods that are high in nutrients, to strengthen its skin against allergies. We will now look at the best type of food your dog needs to keep it healthy and active.

The Best Food Type For Dogs

Natural food for dogs proves to be more nutritious as it contains natural carbohydrates, proteins, and every nutrient your dog needs for healthy living. There are natural foods for improving the skin and coat of your dog and it would be nice if you tried them out. Below are some forms of natural foods for dogs.

1. Bones/raw meat

Remember the saying "the patient dog eats the fattest bone"? Dogs have a natural thing for bones and these bones are highly nutritious. You may also want to give your dogs raw meat since cooking the meat would increase its chemical content.

2. Supplements

Fish oils serve as good food supplements for dogs. Some benefits of these supplements include; • Shiny cost • White teeth • Overall health improvement

3. Fruits and vegetables

Fruits and vegetables are generally nutritious for dogs. You would have to ensure that they are easily digestible (like apples and bananas), unlike cherries and avocados. You can also decide to process or juice the fruits for easier consumption.


Natural food for dogs is by far; better than most dry dog foods. The sudden death of a dog can be heartbreaking and shocking.

Now that you know how much good nutrition can affect the health and life-span of your dog, buying natural foods for your dog wouldn't be out of place.