Many Automobile Companies Have Custom Options Available For Disabled People
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Many automobile companies have custom options available for disabled people, from hand controls to swivel seats. The right car can make driving a breeze, allowing someone with a disability to take on the world.

Adaptive vehicles can be purchased at a wide range of prices. Some states offer tax breaks for adaptive equipment purchases. Some vehicle manufacturers will provide discounts on certain models. A good way to start is to ask a vehicle adaptation technician what your specific needs are before you head to the dealership. They will be able to recommend the best vehicle for your particular application.

For example, the Ford C-Max may be a good choice for passengers in a swivel seat and/or a Carony-type wheelchair. It also offers the most seating capacity and the largest luggage compartment in this category.

As a wheelchair user myself, I can tell you that the most challenging part of purchasing a new vehicle is choosing the best model for your individual needs. The best way to determine which vehicle is right for you is to sit down with a vehicle adaptation technician and go over your driving needs and preferences.

This may lead to a number of conversations. The most important ones include what type of adaptive equipment you need, what vehicle best fits those needs and what modifications will be required, you just need to go with The answer to those questions will be the single most important decision you will ever make. Taking care of your mobility needs now is the key to a more enjoyable, safer and longer lasting future.

Many Automobile Companies Have Custom Options Available For Disabled People

Many automobile companies have custom options available for disabled people to make them more accessible. Some of the innovations include a swivel seat, wheelchair lift and ramps. Adaptive vehicle equipment typically is not covered by insurance, so you may need to pay for it yourself. Depending on your specific needs, the associated costs can range from the low single digits to the high six figures.

The best possible option is to talk with a qualified vehicle adaptation technician or medical practitioner. He or she will be able to recommend the most effective and safest solutions for your particular situation.

It's also wise to get your driver's license re-evaluated, since most states require you to pass an on-the-road evaluation if you want to get a new one. Once you've passed, you can apply for a Disabled Person (DP) plate or placard in most states.

A small portable device known as a Handybar can help you to get into and out of your car easier. It consists of a small, lightweight L-shaped piece that shoves down into a U-shaped latch on most vehicles' doorjamb. The longer, padded part sticks out at a right angle, providing a grab handle to help you lift into or remove a seat.

Most people with disabilities are drivers, and a good majority of them impose limitations on their driving ability. Some of the more obvious ones include avoiding rush hour traffic, night driving and unfamiliar areas.

The right ADA compliant vehicle can be the key to unlocking your future in the world of transportation. Fortunately, many automobile companies have custom options for their customers with mobility challenges, so be sure to ask your dealer about all of your options before making a final decision.