Legacy in Luxury: Why Ashes Diamonds for Women Are Made

In the last decade or so, there has been an increased interest in ashes to diamonds around the world. This has captured the attention of all and sundry. However, some people think that having ashes to diamonds made from the remains of a dead relative is somewhat creepy and thus, should not be entertained. However, if you look at it in a good light, memorial diamonds are a great way to create a connection with the departed person, many years after they’ve left the world. If you are Interested to know more about Ashes Diamonds Browse this site. 

The Benefits

Cremation diamonds provide people with benefits that transcends beyond providing people left behind with a sense of comfort and peace even after losing their loved one. Below, we will look at the benefits of having ashes to diamonds made instead of purchasing an ordinary diamond mined from the earth surface.

One of the reasons why you should order a diamond from Saintdiamonds.com is because it takes a shorter time to make. Unlike natural diamonds that took millions of years to form under the earth surface, cremation diamonds take about 8 months only to create. This saves the resources and pollution caused by the mining process because people are able to get the pieces that they want within the stipulated time.

The other reason why you should consider getting lab grown diamonds is because they are friendly to the environment. Unlike the natural diamonds that cause pollution and damage to the earth surface during the mining process, memorial diamonds are made at the factory using cremation ash or human hair. This reduces damage to the earth as no mining is required.

You get a unique product. By getting the memorial diamonds, you are sure that you are getting a 100% unique product that you cannot find elsewhere in the world. This means that you will have the only piece in the entire globe that's not connected with any other. Furthermore, the diamond will also have some sentimental connection with you for it will be made from your departed loved ones remains. saintdiamonds promises that all their products are unique and genuine.

Another reason why you should get memorial diamonds is that they are more ethical than some of their mined counterparts, including those from certain diamond mining companies. These companies often face criticism for their methods. Lab grown diamonds, in contrast, are obtained in a clean and ethical manner, avoiding the issues of forced and child labor. Diamond mining, especially in places like Liberia, has been marked by child abuse and civil wars. Also, you have the ability to fully customize the diamond made from ashes. Unlike the natural diamonds that are made naturally under the earth surface, you can easily have your memorial diamonds customized to produce the desired effects in color, size, and carat. By doing that, you will have a piece that you will love and enjoy.


Above, we have seen the reasons why you should consider getting cremation diamonds. However, the most important point here would be to preserve the memory of your loved one. And with their sentimental value, they will feel more personal than if you bought the diamonds from normal store sources.