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Strong Female Protagonists/Memoirs
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This is a group for writers who feel compelled to write and read about strong, female protagonists. Maybe you were inspired to write by a resilient woman you know or maybe that strong female character is you! What difficulties in your life have you overcome and what is the message you'd like to share through your memoir?

This is a place to explore that spark of light within the human soul that propels us see more...

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     I believe that when we lift others up in their light, we give ourselves permission to shine too. Nothing good comes of hiding our talents under a...
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      This is a place where you can ask for feedback about something you're working on. I think it's important to get feedback from other writers (as...
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    So have you ever joined a group after there is a conversation/flow already going and you don't know exactly how to break in? Well, I want to make it...