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Literary Fiction Writers v. 2.0
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This is a group for serious writers of literary fiction, but will also support authors of quality non-fiction, memoir, children's books. Our goal is to support one another as we prepare for publication, whether via self-publishing or more traditional venues. This group will be private so that we can honestly address publication in literary magazines and agents, etc. If you're interested, please ask to join: we''re hoping to be an see more...

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  • Started by Cece Box
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    Hi All, Sara suggested I put this question to the group.  Like many of you, apparently, I've been pulled between multiple interests over the years. ...
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  • Started by Sakki selznick
    Last reply by Karen Engelsen
    Here is my so-far list of possible agents. Not very long, right? These are people who have either written novels that I thought had parallels or...
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  • Started by Sakki selznick
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    I know many of you, but you likely don't know one another. Tell us all about yourself, (or, if you'd prefer, tell us the fancy version of yourself...
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