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This is a support group for women who started their writing seriously after age 40 and have hopes of a still long and illustrious career in writing.

Please no women under 40 allowed and no men either. This is a WOMEN OVER 40 group ONLY! Thank you.

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  • Started by Gwendolyn Rhodes
    I have been busy over the last few years. We sold our Bed and Breakfast in Costa Rica and moved to Pennsylvania to care for my mother in law for a...
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  • Started by Cindy Vine
    Last reply by Elisabeth Zguta
    After a 3 year hiatus I am back! I started an NGO and a school for children who can't cope in mainstream education which took every second of my...
  • Started by Elisabeth Zguta
    Last reply by Lynne Favreau
    I think we're missing some discussions in the list. I know there were posts newer than 2014! Is anyone else not seeing the more current discussions?...
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  • Started by Karoline Barrett
    SO EXCITED ABOUT signing my new book deal! I can't share more yet, and I can't confirm the publisher, just yet, but YAY! Happy Dance! Thank you to my...