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Stuck on how to lay the final stab? Worried your bad guy isn't as antagonistic as he needs to be? Come here and share tips, help other authors and critique stories all of the horror genre.
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  • Started by Kathryn Mann
    Hello everyone!   I have always enjoyed reading horror fiction and generally felt somewhat guilty about that. As if I should be reading something...
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  • Started by Rhian Williams
    Last reply by Lexa Cain
    Hi, I'm new to the horror group, and am hoping for a little help. A favour really. I have a short story, around 6000 words, and really need someone...
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  • Started by Carrie
    Last reply by MT Bostick
    Hi Im Carrie, from Florida.  I have always loved writing and thought I would give it a try, I just finished the first chapter to my first book and I...
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