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For writers of Fantasy, Science Fiction, Horror/Dark Fantasy, Magical Realism and all the genres that ask "What if?" and then challenge you to suspend your disbelief by way of answering that question.
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  • Started by Luisah Teish
    Last reply by T. Gillmore
    What if everything you thought about came out onto the paper with no filter from your sense of right and wrong. What if after writing those...
  • Started by Rhian Williams
    Hi, I'm a lurker and am hoping for a little help. A favour really. I have a short story, around 6000 words, and really need someone to go over it for...
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  • Started by Ripley Patton
    I've just released my YA paranormal thriller Ghost Hand, and I'm looking for places to blog about the book,YA, my experiences self-publishing it,...
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