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For beginner writers. Hi! I'm new to she writes and am a very beginner when it comes to writing. I wanted a group for beginner writers. So I made one. I hope other beginner writers and people with helpful tips can join.  

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  • Started by celia sennon
    Hello Claire, thank you for creating this group. I am so happy to join a group of new writers. I am in the process of transitioning from my 9-5...
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  • Started by Angie Cook
    Last reply by celia sennon
    Hello all, I have taken the big step in writing a memoir of my childhood. I am not a professional writer but I feel as though I have a powerful...
  • Started by JoAnne Fletcher
    Claire, although I am a published Author of one novel, now working on a couple of others, I love working with new writers as I look at myself as...
  • Started by Carolyn Robinson
    Hello, Claire! Thanks for creating this group of beginner writers! I've been writing for several years, however, I haven't sold anything yet! A...