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Grab Bag (procrastination, accountability, feedback, diet tips)
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Just joking about the last one, although sitting at the computer all day and, when the writing stalls, going to the fridge for inspiration, can result in a certain degree of interest in avoiding the battle of the bulge.  So, this group. I wrote nine books for Harlequin and, while I hated the deadlines, they kept things on track and avoided the endless procrastination.  I was accountable to my editor. see more...

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  • Started by Lois Heise
    While in college they drilled that into our studies. Submit, submit, submit. Those were one professor's last words. I have periodically and I have...
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    Started by Tara lamboy
    Last reply by Lois Heise
    HI, Tara here and I am just starting out on writing. I want to write a blog, then i want to write a book, then i want to create a comic but I'M NOT...
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  • Started by Lois Heise
    Last reply by E. A. Hennessy
    My name is Lois Heise. I have been procrastinating a long time. I can't seem to sit my butt in the chair to write for two reasons: a very busy life...