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    August 2016
    Unfolding in Light: A Sisters’ Journey in Photography and Poetry is an artistic collaboration between two sisters, a photographer and a poet. It invites readers to discover the beauty, simplicity and spirituality that...
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  • January 2016
    I so appreciate your comments.  Happy New Year to you too!  Claire
  • January 2016
    Thank you so much for sharing your process with us.  I very much enjoyed reading about it. Happy New Year! ~:0)
  • December 2015
    thanks Maureen!!!  it was great fun. happy holidays!
  • December 2015
    Thanks so much Irene.  Us luddites had lots of help.  And we are still luddites, but slightly better informed.  I hope you enjoy the book.  
  • December 2015
    What a beautiful, inspiring project! I love the photos, the thoughts and poem you shared, the light that emanates throughout. Just lovely! Also interesting to learn how you collaborated as "luddites" across big distances to successfully bring it...
  • January 2015
    No smokes allowed! So now I find it helpful to walk around the house or the block, very slowly.  Or to sit in meditation for even just ten minutes.  Enough to shift the right brain to drifty and receptive.  I also find it helpful to slouch on the...

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