• August 2020
    Just saw your comment just now! With the c-virus and fires in Northern California seven miles from our home, life is very hectic at the moment. With regard to beta readers, I belong to a writers group and we support each other's writing by being...
  • February 2020
    Thanks so much for this very comprehensive piece, author. I gobbled it up. I've spent years TRYING to find even a couple of beta readers (https://www.facebook.com/groups/567782370249406/) but unsuccessfully. But there again, hope springs eternal, as...
  • July 2019
    Great article for me, Alyssa, thanks. I find myself agonising about why my writing doesn't grab readers the way they grab me! I start procrastinating but something I actually never do is change my writing - neither the subject matter (romance,...
  • August 2017

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