• January 2015
    LOVE this so much. Can't wait for my copy! (And enjoyed the music on the site.) 
  • September 2013
    So excited to hear how things pan out, no matter what route you take!
  • July 2012
    How exciting! And welcome back. :)
  • November 2011
    So true!   I actually do photography on the side (it is my other passion) and was just thinking about extending a special invite to SheWriters in my area in need of a headshot. :)
  • November 2011
    We have a couple of SheWriMos in the Treasure Coast / Palm Beaches. Anyone up for a meetup Dec 2? Keep writing. We're burning up the pages here in South Florida!
  • November 2011
    Mary, I'll put the word out and see who we can get you in touch with!
  • November 2011
    Where in Northern cal are you?  
  • November 2011
    Amber - I'm working on my book on NaNo, too, although I'm writing it here in my system and have to transfer it over to NaNo's. If you hear of any SheWritesNaNo peeps in the Northern California area please lemme know. Best of luck on your November...

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