• March 2015
    brilliant as usual. just brilliant.
  • March 2015
    i am buying your book now. i am thrilled you wrote it. it will, no doubt, fill me with huge courage. all my love to you, amy ferris
  • July 2014
    love this so. thank you for writing it. xoxoxo amy
  • February 2013
    love this so much. thank you thank you thank you for sharing, writing. xoxoxox
  • September 2012
    Eva! Thank you! The book is quite extraordinary, and no doubt you'll recognize other she writes contributors... thank you for posting. best and love, Amy
  • September 2012
    Congratulations! I can't wait to read your book. It is such a worthy topic. 
  • September 2012
    Christine- don't doubt! Like Amy once said to me, never, ever give up. Be brave, be bold, and something amazing will happen!
  • September 2012
    I love to read stories like this, because they keep me going when I start to doubt I'll ever get my book published.  Thank you for sharing!
  • October 2011
    writing is like a big meal; it nourishes me, satisfies me, binds me and if i do it everyday, i am full.

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