• January 2013
  • January 2013
    What a gracious and big-hearted offer.  I accept!  Thank you for the generosity of your support.  Writers definitely have a a solitary journey and I need the social connections to keep me (and my fledgling blog ADDled and my essay submissions and my...
  • January 2013
    Thank you, Brooke, for saying what I've been thinking for years.  While I am deeply ensconced in the non-fiction world, both as a writer and reader (and as an MFA student too), I tend to stand far away from what you deem "misery memoirs." I think...
  • December 2012
    Thanks for this post, Julie.  I think you're absolutely right (and I do remember Name That Tune AND Password AND Hollywood Squares, too).  Writing is such a solitary endeavor that it's very easy to stay inside your head and listen to your own bad...
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    August 2012

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