• Ana Lewis commented on her article Truth Quietly Rings Loud
    January 2011
    Thank you Cathy!  Yes, Women on the Verge can be found at http://womenontheverge.net.
  • January 2011
  • August 2010
  • July 2010
    So funny! To be honest with you, I think that stereotypes die hard. Some people, still believe that you have to be totally "crunchy" in order to be a conscious eater. I think you can still be fashionable as well as thoughtful in your food...
  • July 2010
    Lisa Simpson made being vegetarian cool. Oh, wait. That was me. Oh, wait. No, that was Paul McCartney. Definitely wasn't me. I was just ridiculed in grade school for bringing "styrofoam" sandwiches, and believing that carob was actually chocolate....
  • July 2010
    Surely people couldn't possibly still hold these stereotypes...hmmm...hippy treehuggers in Birkenstocks...I don't think you can be a treehugger and be a wimp. Not when you're up against people who don't agree with what you're protesting for and come...
  • Ana Lewis commented on her article Family - Heritage - Resolve
    July 2010
    Beautiful! I have always believed in my heart that it is in our nature, as women to nurture and support one another. It is a beautiful thing when you can feel that unity of happiness for your triumphs and a hug when you fall. Women on the Verge is...
  • July 2010
    Jocelyn, you're an inspiration and a breath of fresh air. Thank you! I don't think that people realize how much their words mean to us. I have had similar instances with old boyfriends... and at such an impressionable age, too! The song you sent...
  • July 2010
    Ana, how did you start Women on the Verge? How does one find the courage, strength and resources to make such an amazing impact? I've lived too long hiding in a shell. Deeply bothered by things I see in the world but too afraid to step out. An...
  • July 2010
    Your post reminds me of this song - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-ks3R2BwyO0 (A more beautiful you). I remember struggling with my looks. In fact there are times I still do. My first boyfriend very "nicely" pointed out that my shoulders were too...

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