• January 2012
    Gayle, if you simply let people know that your new book is available, people will want to buy it. You are a wonderful writer and a lovely person. That's a terrific combination on social media. 
  • November 2011
    I love this post, Gayle. It is so honest about what happens to us as writers when we get sideswiped by grief; and how we can be our own worst enemies when we sit down to write. xo
  • June 2011
    I love this post. Thank you.
  • April 2011
    Deborah, your post is really powerful because it is so honest. Thank you for writing it and for continuing this important discussion here at She Writes. (Funny thing: I just finished commenting on a bunch of threads over on Catherine Connors' blog...
  • November 2010
    Love this post! I only felt ready to start writing fiction a few years ago. I felt the need to accumulate life experience first so I'd have something to say. (I remember crossing the same bridge when I started writing non-fiction. The desire to...
  • November 2010
    What a great post. As with all things in life, it makes the most sense to take the approach that works for you. I find that I get stressed out by deadlines, so I'm currently enjoying the bliss of not having a deadline. When I wake up tomorrow, I...
  • October 2010
    I serve on the Board of Directors for my local YWCA, which just opened a brand new shelter for women and children fleeing domestic violence. Last month, the YWCA had a massive celebration to thank the community for their support of the campaign to...

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