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    September 2017
    I was on a coaching call recently with a memoirist who had just read through her whole manuscript after we finished her developmental edit, and she sheepishly brought up something that had surprised her. “I can’t believe how many...
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  • December 2016
    "That" is an over-used word. I had my journalists circle it and then re-read their copy to eliminate the clean the copy. I have noticed it is often over-used or incorrectly used in literature, too. I would include it while doing the above, not as an...
  • December 2016
    The problem is that Trump clearly has a language processing problem ... my guess is, based on his age, that it was never identified as such, but he definitely has one and the correlation of these disorders with attentional disorders is very high.
  • November 2016
    Thank you so much for defending the correct use of the English language. If "bigly" were truly a word, I would use it to describe my appreciation for your comments. When asked about writing, I've often said that I love words and language and putting...

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