• Autumn posted an article Clearing Out
    November 2011
  • November 2011
    I needed this article today!  Thanks Brooke! :)  (I would print out all my inner critic's comments but they'd become wallpaper. :P lol!) 
  • October 2011
    I can't wait to see what you come up with Jan!  And it will be interesting to hear what other peeps decide to add! :)
  • October 2011
    Wow Jan, thanks for another fantastic list! :)
  • October 2011
    I was reminded of this thread last night while listening to a teleseminar on how to pitch a book ~ near the end of the discussion one of the speakers suggested watching movie trailers and checking out blurbs for new books and then compiling a list...
  • Autumn commented on her article Answers...
    October 2011
    I know! I still can't believe it! :)  And I really needed it too so...
  • Bridget Straub commented on Autumn's article Answers...
    October 2011
    Thats so cool.
  • Autumn posted an article Answers...
    October 2011
  • Autumn commented on her article Voice
    September 2011
    That's very true, Bridget ~ I was with this group for a while but still never knew what was going to come up and I would read some of the comments and know right away: ok that is one I can set aside but with some others...well it wasn't as easy and...
  • September 2011
    Words Better Off Dead Than Said ~ this cracked me up, I love it!  Do you have this list posted on your blog, Rebecca?

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