• January 2015
    Annie, this particular "grammergency" drives me nuts. I especially hear it on TV on reality shows when they say him and I or similar statements. I cringe every time I hear it. Your way to figure out which pronoun to use is so simple I don't know why...
  • October 2011
    I don't know what to say to you about why you should follow me. I have a lot of Facebook friends and most of them are authors. I have a blog: http://barbaraehrentreu.blogspot.com/ and I just published my first YA novel from MuseItUp Publishing - If...
  • October 2011
    I have to tell Lea, though. So she knows about it too!! I couldn't believe we weren't there. Shame on Wikipedia for not seeing how awesome we are!!!
  • October 2011
    I meant MuseItUp was not there. Ignore the first.
  • October 2011
    The sad thing is when I went to the Wikipedia link MiseItUp was not there! So I added it. I didn't tell Lea yet:)
  • October 2011
    I also just had my first YA novel published by MuseItUp Publishing and I am very happy with them? The publisher, Lea Schizas goes out. Of her way to let us know any new things she might be doing. She involves her authors in almost all decisions she...
  • August 2011
    Charlie it's so great to see you here!! These are all very valuable suggestions and thank you for sharing them with us. This group is an example of finding a place where you can feel comfortable. Welcome to SheWrites and I hope you enjoy it here as...
  • May 2011
    Thank you, Tayari for all the good advice. My first YA novel comes out in September. I already have 2 book signings and I'm nervous, because it is an ebook so I've tried to find ways of signing it! I'm hoping it will be getting good reviews, but I...
  • February 2011
    Stacey,I think the reason the other gender is being reviewed more is genres. Men tend to write more non-fiction, historical fiction, adventure novels, mysteries, and biographies. These are genres that are reviewed more than the majority of genres...
  • February 2011
    Molly, what a beautiful vignette of your mother this is. I am from your mother's generation and I knew people like her who didn't get into the craziness of the movements surrounding us. You described her so well I feel I would know her if we met on...

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