• July 2017
    Thanks for this kick in the pants. I confess, I always have one eye on what's marketable -- when I know that you're right: the freshest writing is the writing that you really want to do.
  • June 2017
    Huh, what? I spent several good minutes locating my SheWrites password, then waiting for this page to boot up -- all of it longer than it too to read this nice, but unhelpful, bit of fluff. A computer glitsch I trust.
  • April 2017
    This is definitely a great approach for me. I find myself resenting things that I truly want to do -- I'm going to try out your suggestion. Still, there are so darned many things coming into my life that I would literally "love" to do. How do I...
  • January 2017
    Hi All, I submitted my book to quite a few contests -- and it won a prize or two. Nice! Submitting was a lot of work and it cost quite a bit of money, but it was worth it. The biggest challenge by far was simply identifying contests to submit to. To...

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