• October 2013
    Yes--how sweet it is! Your book sounds like a wonderful read. Looking forward to the grand arrival :-D
  • August 2012
  • May 2011
    It's so amazing for me to come across such a wonderful post today, as I just finished with an interview on blog talk radio this afternoon.  And there it was, very first question -- the one guaranteed to strike fear into my heart. The very important,...
  • October 2010
    What an incredible relief your very timely post is, Sarah. And here I was thinking "is it just me or what?" My own POD novel 'The Secret of Lies,' arrived in June and although I've gotten some wonderful reviews and positive response from readers,...
  • August 2010
    Excellent, Kate! Admittedly, I have plenty of books and articles clipped from magazines detailing how to compose those perfect, attention grabbing, no-fail query letters. And while certainly important, you've truly hit the mark by pointing out that...

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