• August 2013
    I love books - the sound of paper, the feel of a binding, especially a leather one, the varieties of typefaces.  All of the above.  But my cup  [or my bookshelves] runneth over and I can no longer afford the luxury of buying a book I 'might' want to...
  • October 2012
    I think the worst part about promotion for me is my own lack of knowledge and/or experience in doing it.  It is a difficult learning curve, particularly when your teacher is yourself!
  • October 2012
    At the risk of raising a tangental thought, what is wrong with a book being 'for women?'  Why do we feel the need to apologize for writing as, and for, women?  Many, many books are what I would call, "for the boys."  I wouldn't read them because I...

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