• May 2014
    Julie, including everyone who contributed is so kind! Uh....but I have a question about writing...... 3,000 words a day?? I'm failing terribly! :)
  • April 2014
    Six Great Tips! And I LOVE the idea of your coffee table book with an LP enclosed!...Especially in this day of CDs and MP3 Players, etc. I would love to win the giveaway and have just entered. Also, I've never liked Twitter, only because I don't...
  • March 2014
    I love making people laugh! One of my secret desires is to be a Stand Up Comic! And as far as a membership of only TWO.... ya gotta start somewhere! Okay....bye bye. I won't comment anymore right now, otherwise this could get really out of hand!
  • March 2014
    Hey Julie, I like that! I certainly don't feel luke warm about your writing! :) And I'm happy you like my blog, too. We are a Mutual Admiration Society!  
  • March 2014
    Great article, Julie, as always. Fortunately, a writer/friend I "met" online a few years ago, urged me to begin blogging when she learned I was writing my memoir. I knew NOTHING about MANY things, and blogging was one of them. It's still my favorite...
  • November 2013
    Hi Julie~ I took the MBTI for the first time about 2 years ago! (I hadn't even heard of it before then!) It was presented at a writers workshop and I don't remember the outcome, but I was a strange combination. LOL  (Not surprisingly, huh?!)
  • March 2013
    Hi Julie! Great post and I LOVE your lemony yellow walls. And gosh....mountains right outside your window?! I HAD my own room, in a spare bedroom of our house. I'd bought new furniture for it, had writerly things all over the walls....and it was a...
  • January 2013
    Hello Rita. I LOVE your post! I, too, am a writer who CANNOT work on any kind of schedule. I have to write when I feel motivated, not just because I "should." (I'm with you on the "shoulds" in life!) I do enjoy a bit of free-writing every now and...
  • January 2013
    Hi Julie! Great post! You are a fantastic writer, which comes across loud and clear in your blog posts and here, too, of course. Finding that one thing....such amazing advice in such few words. I always envied people who were passionate about a...
  • January 2013

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