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    11 days ago
    When I was a film student in the eighties, my then-boyfriend and now-husband, Jim, and I borrowed a professional ¾-inch video camera from school and spent a long, magical afternoon taping an interview with his beloved grandmother. When we...
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  • 11 days ago
    Thanks for this article. I am very new to memoir writing. Another published author suggested I write one after talking about my experiences. She didn't suggest an outline so I've just been writing. Would you suggest I stop where I am and create an...
  • An article by Bella Mahaya Carter was featured
    12 days ago
    Writing a memoir is a huge undertaking. You’re dealing with tons of content by virtue of having lived a life. Here are some suggestions for getting—and staying—organized. Forget writing on scraps of paper. Get yourself a...
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  • An article by Bella Mahaya Carter was featured
    February 2019
    As a young dance student at Juilliard my favorite class was choreography. It was similar to a college writing composition class because it provided the nuts and bolts of creating, and in my case the creation was a dance. I studied ABA form, spatial...
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  • February 2019

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