• April 2013
    I love this - quality is subjective and we should come to our own conclusions after serious consideration of the aspects which are important within our own realm.  Thank you.
  • April 2013
    I will definitely have to read your book Laurie, and I congratulate you that you have been able to turn such trouble into something helpful and healing.  I spent years going from doctor to doctor and feeling broken only to find out that I had a...
  • April 2013
    Julie,  Snow when we hope and wish for spring does seem like a set back.  We just had a dusting here, it looked like powdered sugar.  I've just started to really write after dabbling with it for years.  There is good and bad to my timing, but this...
  • March 2013
    Thanks for sharing your publishing odyssey with us, Pamela.  I have been writing for many years and while I have plenty of content, I've only just really started to venture out and let the world see my writing.  I love the title of your book,...
  • Beth Anne Reed posted an article Why I Write
    January 2013

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