• July 2020
    Sagarika! Long time, no hear! Are you still writing?
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    July 2020
  • May 2013
    Well, this is timely!  I was just looking at KDP last night.  I'm wondering what the downsides are.
  • June 2010
    I'm very glad you chose to share this! ISMS (sexism, racism, ageism etc) are certianly real and when one shines the light on the obvious, I believe it is required for us all to pull back and exam. That's why such sites as this, SHE writes are...
  • April 2010
    Here's a shout for my buddy, Alice Osborn, for winning big in the Carolina Woman contest!! Goooo Alice!!!
  • November 2009
    Whoa, Deirdre, that is so intense. Well-written, too. Tell it like it is, girl, holy crap! I'm back to the final 200 words of my nano novel now. Glad ta meetcha!!
  • Beth Browne commented on her article Disturbed? Well, yes...
    November 2009
    If you want to learn more about Grey and her book: http://greybrownpoetry.com/
  • November 2009
    What a great post -- I especially like this observation: "I think part of the answer lies in the gender issue itself. Women are more likely to read a man’s book, whether it has been written by a man, or is just more geared toward a male audience. My...
  • November 2009
    Hello Beth, Perhaps I agree with you,a lot. Since this debate began I read several posts and thoughts on it but none as humble as yours and must I also say,yours is the most accurate one! But I wanted to inquire from you about the line written above...
  • November 2009
    Great post!! Thank you!

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