• April 2010
    Dear Deanna, This is GREAT! You're so organized -- it's impressive. My book is coming out in about eight weeks also -- okay, seven -- and I was also amazed and a little disappointed to learn that book-tour activities and travel would be out of...
  • December 2009
    Love that last point "Real honesty takes more than one draft." I've also found it pretty interesting and revealing between the fact checking (really? I could've sworn it was over there and I was two years younger) to rewriting what I'd written and...
  • December 2009
    Exactly! I had the luxury of being at Yaddo when I was working on the last draft, and I too did the "Really?" busting process. "Really?... Really? Is that the most honest thing you can say about that moment?" The book is called No Place Like Home....
  • December 2009
    I couldn't agree more with #5 -- when I wrote my memoir I engaged in an intense editing process I called, in high-falutin' literary style, "busting myself." Every time I thought I'd explained my actions or feelings, every time I arrived at a place...

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