• December 2014
    The biggest issue I have in this conversation is the idea that an ebook "doesn't really cost anything to produce." That just simply isn't true. There are editing costs, design costs, layout costs, marketing costs, etc. Just like in a world of a...
  • February 2011
    Great interview.  I lost my house in a very traumatic and emotionally devastating wildfire when I was eight months pregnant, and I know it had to impact my son, though I'm sure it will be difficult to unravel how exactly it changed who he might have...
  • February 2011
    Great advice!  I, too, usually have an idea of whose feedback I trust the most.  Are they in my target reader group?  What kind of a writer are they?  When critiquing others, are they reluctant to give others critical feedback?  I often get my...
  • November 2010
    One of the objects I cherish the most from the few things that came out fire is a charred handwritten note from my grandfather, whose handwriting is impeccable. It doesn't even matter what the letter says, really. I've written my son a few letters...
  • October 2010
    I know exactly how you feel... including the bit about not even liking the people in your writing groups! I take classes just to give myself deadlines. I do like the feedback as well, though sometimes I very much disagree with it! Idaho isn't...
  • October 2010
    If we fall in the middle as far as social media is concerned (ie. Twitter follower numbers and blog hits), how should we include that information in the proposal? In my proposal, as it is now, I say, "I am an avid tweeter, and I continue to build my...
  • October 2010
    Congrats Nancy. My essay, "I'll Be Home for Christmas" (p. 132) was also published in the Christmas Magic edition.
  • September 2010
    Thanks for sharing in your journey.
  • September 2010
    Good luck on the launch Courtney!
  • August 2010
    Even if you aren't a finalist, please join us on the Passion Project group as we talk about our next steps and work to support and encourage all those who entered (and even wallow in your disappointment from today- that's allowed!).

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