• July 2012
  • June 2012
    Congratulations, this a really awesome idea!
  • June 2012
    Thanks Melissa. Writing is an outlet for me too. Sometimes I find it hard to get the words on the page and other times it's easy. Once I get the words on the page, it may still seem boring and worthless. However, once the words are on the page I...
  • May 2012
    Hi Carol, I join your club.  In previous months I was avidly writing, pulled toward it, compelled.  As of late, my thoughts, ideas and time turn to other things... I believe a natural waxing and waning of my craft.  It is frustrating though......
  • May 2012
    Beautiful! I remember having that panicky feeling that we had to reverse the decision. Unfortunately, I was already in labor and screaming at my husband, "I can't do this. Whatever we have to do to reverse this whole process, DO IT! I can't do...
  • May 2012
  • Carol Hand posted an article Nature Lover
    May 2012
  • April 2012

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