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    May 2017
  • May 2017
  • September 2016
    Thank you for this great sharing, Bella. Yes, I can relate to resisting asking for anything. Shame, yes but also my own emotional backlash that pivots my inner focus into "they didn't do that for me and that's awful and now I am left to do it...
  • September 2016
    What a great article, Brooke. Thank you. Your clarity that "You don't hear a lot about memoir cases going to court because they're that rare" really helps me feel on solid ground.  Sonja Larsen, to your point that tone matters, thank you. I hadn't...
  • August 2016
    Thank you Bella Mayaha Carter for this most important blog. I love the list of what you did: "poked around my favorite shops...bought myself an Indian shawl, lavender with gold threads" and the beautiful jewelry in process. It is so vitally...
  • August 2016
    Thank you Karen Elizabeth Lee for sharing such details about your life and about the impact of your writing. I'm fascinated by memoir, am writing mine of course, and have not seen such an honest account of how publishing yours, although so helpful...
  • May 2016
    Irene I love that you know Phil! I've been the grateful guest poster on his site Conversations on Dying and have seen him, met him briefly at the Writers' Community of Durham Region meetings. He is a warm and genuine human and I'm delighted now the...
  • May 2016
    Thank you Brooke for all these important points and helpful hints about keeping readers securely anchored in time. I am very much enjoying the Monday night talks between you and Linda Joy Meyers on Issues Driven Memoirs. Really helpful since, of...
  • April 2016
    Sweet and super useful for me, er, ah I? No no really I mean for me...it's not me means for...is it? 

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