• July 2013
    I am curious why you didn't have your agent first try to sell the book for you. Also, how did you get your agent? That's the stage I am at now with my first novel, trying to get an agent and following the protocol of querying and waiting. Also, how...
  • May 2013
    I studied with Nancy K. Miller in graduate school in the late 19990s and she always gets to the heart of women's lives with unflinching honesty and keen powers of observation.
  • May 2013
    Eva Peace in Morrison's Sula; Gwendolen Harleth in Eliot's Daniel Deronda; Septimus Smith in Woolf's Mrs. Dalloway. In my novel Off the Yoga Mat, my protagonists  Lulu Betancourt and Nathaniel Dart (he is named after Nathaniel Hawthorne).

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