• January 2016
    What a great experience - thanks for sharing it with us!
  • December 2015
    Great post!! At 25 years of age, I was a single mother of two children under the age of five. I went to nursing school and worked parttime. After three years I was able to support my children and they learned the lesson of working hard to succeed. I...
  • December 2015
    What a lovely post! Especially your line:  How being middle aged doesn't mean you can't achieve something new. Life is so full of possibilities, and it's important to remember just.There's a saying somewhere that women hold up half the sky and then...
  • December 2015
    I LOVE this post.  Thank you for sharing your journey.  One of my goals is to show my own daughter the same message.  Not sure if I'll succeed, but I hope she benefits from my efforts all the same.  She is very supportive of my writing and has...
  • December 2015
    We are all examples to the people around us! Thank you for sharing. By the way- it turns out that baking a chicken with the breast down makes for juicier white meat - so you were on to something!
  • December 2015
    Great piece, Connie.  I agree - youth has a certain idealistic confidence that anything can be achieved, but age grants us wisdom and the discipline to actually complete something.  I toyed with being a writer in my 20's, but decided (thank God)...
  • May 2015
    How true it is that the hard work starts after you write the last page. Love the chubby baby analogy!

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