• October 2010
    Beyond touched, thanks Kamy. xoxo On my shelf right now: Kathleen Gerson's Unfinished Business, Wes Moore's The Other Wes Moore, Don DeLillo's Falling Man, and John Paul Lederach's Moral Imagination
  • October 2010
    Hi Marigold. Thanks for this incredibly honest and beautiful reflection. I don't think I'm more courageous than others, just blessed with a lot of ambition and parents who, from a very early age, told me to trust my own outrage and celebrated my...
  • October 2010
    I'm so honored to have helped! And congrats on contributing such important work to the blogosphere and so many people's lives!
  • September 2010
    People have such a short attention span these days that I'm not sure it's a bad thing to really eat, breath, and sleep publicity the week or two before the book (um, yes, I'm doing that now). I've noticed that people think they can sit on anything...
  • April 2010
    So honored! Mine is going up at Feministing soon. xoxo
  • March 2010
    Sounds like a fantastic schedule D! Can't wait to read all of your collective insights.
  • January 2010
    What a brilliant summary Kamy. I so appreciate the way that you combine sober pragmatism with big picture optimism.

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