• February 2011
    First of all, amazing that you went on that retreat! Secondly, I love Courtney's superfly red dress metaphor. I've been thinking deeply about this exact question. Thank you for your always engaging take on it.
  • April 2010
    So well stated, Mylene. Nice to meet you here!
  • April 2010
    Thrilled to shout out to Sharon Kenny, who is an amazing songwriter and one of my favorite writers to collabowrite with. Twitter or visit her site to hear her new album!
  • March 2010
    I've asked myself the exact same questions! But, funny enough, I never would have thought to question you or the other amazing moms whose thoughts I love to read. I've tried to blog about other things that I find compelling, but nothing is so...
  • February 2010
    I was actually reading the fruits of your "She Writes on Fridays" on Friday when I followed your link to the Writer's Dilemma post and the article that inspired it. I particularly loved your motion that we "put something new together word by word."...

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