• July 2012
    I love "create time"....guilty! Unless I do this I may end up just dusting my laptop as well.
  • May 2012
    Great reminder, Fiona. . . well said.
  • April 2012
    I like the idea of spring cleaning e-clutter...my desk top isn't as extreme as the picture but pretty close. Thanks for the reminder that clearing clutter involves my electronic collateral as well.
  • CeCe Harbor posted an article A Day In the Life
    April 2012
  • April 2012
    Sounds wonderful!  -- and I agree with you I find silence...or for me "stillness" a beautiful thing indeed.
  • February 2012
    Love it! @knowledge_maven -- I'll look for you all there.
  • October 2011
    Hi -- this is a great idea! facebook.com/knowledgemaven Please stop by!
  • October 2011
  • September 2011

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