• October 2015
  • January 2013
    Thank you, Brooke. This was really interesting to read, especially because I've been thinking about memoir lately.  I recently published my first personal piece at MTV, and since I'd never published anything personal like this before, it was a...
  • February 2011
    Thank you for this.  What can be hard for me is differentiating between one person's opinion and if there really is something that needs to be fixed.  Usually if the more people say the same thing, the more I go with it. Any thoughts, Tayari?
  • December 2010
    Thanks, Tania!  I really appreciate your comments.
  • December 2010
    Danica, enjoyed your anime review and seeing the Ms. Blog on Deborah's Domestic Violence prompts--this to me is such a beautiful example of the way a site like She Writes creates opportunities and nurtures all of us as we go (in this case, you...
  • December 2010
    Thanks for reading and commenting!
  • December 2010
    I really enjoyed this article.

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