• June 2014
    I am currently wrestling with this topic...on the one hand, I think I want to use a male pseudonym because 1. I already write as a journalist under my own name and 2. sexism in the publishing industry/society in general. But I'm not sure if it will...
  • January 2014
    You have a lot of valid points. I agree with you that far too many wannabe writers seem to spend more time complaining about how hard it is rather than buckling down and *doing the work.* That is, after all, what separates the amateurs from the...
  • August 2012
    Well said, Zetta. I review self- and independently-published books for Kirkus, and I'm sad to say that 99% of my reviews really rip them a new one. Why? Not because I'm a vengeful B-word intent on spreading dispair and misery. Because it's painfully...
  • June 2010
    Thanks for a great, very helpful, review. Though I've never been able to afford any of these, I've always drooled over them. I think I'm in the same boat as you - I don't have much of my travel stuff published, but I do have a lot of feature stories...

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