• January 2015
    To answer the question from Diana earlier here, I am using pocket to save articles I think will come in useful in research for later. I love the browser extension which allows me to just click a button in my address bar to save the article that I'm...
  • January 2015
    Just discovered Pocket and love it!!!
  • January 2015
    Brooke, I am also working on a memoir. I'd like to use some of the writing from the blog, but I see the blog as snapshots of the larger story. My image of the memoir is that there would be both more detail and more big-picture discussion of some of...
  • January 2015
    Charlene, you can take a look at my project, if you like: www.swallowmysunshine.com. And yes! I'd write that series of funny articles, but I wonder if it would get old. Are there memoirs of fabulous lives without conflict?
  • January 2015
    I've been closely following this conversation as I embark on the memoir I never expected to write. When I was in graduate school for fiction writing, my advisor kept asking me when I was going to write about my own life, or at least about a life...
  • January 2015
    Brooke, I am new to SheWrites and stumbled upon this just at the right moment. I'm working on a memoir/instructional book about my daughter's experience with misdiagnosis and mysterious illness, largely because this is the book I wish had existed...

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