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    December 2017
  • September 2013
    I liked what you wrote--I have been currently struggling with this question about my writing. For a long time  I only wrote when I was in the right mood/frame of mind. (I am doing a memoir.)  Then, I tried to write everyday if I could--and found it...
  • August 2013
    I have twelve boxes of journals in a storage area that I rent because I cannot throw them away!! I kept journals off and on for years....Now, I am writing a book length memoir, but I am no longer keeping a journal ....I write a lot now, more than...
  • January 2013
    extremely good--I have been there too
  • Dinah Dietrich posted an article Underwater
    December 2012
  • December 2012
  • December 2012
    Definitely planning to submit to Seal Press for my book for women by a woman....Thankyou for this opportunity to apply!!

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