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  • August 2016
    Greatb advice for me who is thinking of doing it, but just have not goteen to it. Simply stated and quite inspirational.  Thank you Shakuntala
  • October 2015
    Thank you Brooke for sharing Elizabeth's wisdom. I want to add: each of us in our own way can share a pulpit to send this message to our sisters, cousins, sisters-in-law, daughters, neices and any friend or neighbour. All of us have our own...
  • August 2015
    Hello Brooke, I am pleased you express your indignation on this issue. What more can we do? Where else do you think we should express our opinion? Shaku
  • May 2015
    Hi Kamy, I am looking forward to meeting you in Chicago. You are right. It is not just the number ofbooks you sell at the bookstore events that matter. The endorsement from one person who read your book, or the adoration from yet another who is...
  • April 2015
    You are absolutely correct. Despite all good intentions life gets in the way of writing. If writing is what you want to do, you have to create a conducive climate and put yourself in a place where nothing else matters. Amidst a gathering of...
  • October 2014
    You are so right. When we let the inner critic sit on our shoulder, we have a hard time expressing ourselves. Ban that voice, as well as you can, and give a free run to your mind and fingers. What your characters tell you, (and what they remember...

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