• December 2014
    Great list! First on mine is to come back to She Writes! :)
  • October 2013
    A very interesting and inspiring interview. Good luck with your new book of poetry 'becoming Judas'.
  • June 2013
    Goodness Judy, I'm amazed that you are still sane! Congratulations for managing it all so well! :) xoxox
  • May 2013
    What a great writing craft post! I love your emphasis on working slowly, concentrating on the sound and cadence of your words and sentences. Sometimes I think there's way too much emphasis on producing vast quantites of words with not enough...
  • April 2013
    Loved this interview! It certainly throws the idea that self-publishing is not a viable and professional approach to printing your novel right out that window! Your novel sounds quite intriguing. Loved the extract I read on your web site, which I...
  • February 2013

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