• January 2016
    Um, well, I guess my perspective is a bit different: The Big Man, as his staff calls him, took the time and trouble to call you and say you were a gifted. It's not the right book for him. His assistant and someone else are kicking themselves over...
  • November 2015
    How wonderful that you were able to speak to over 130 students at CAL State about sexual assault.  You are truly making a difference in this world.  Bravo!
  • October 2015
    I agree that using fiction to reach readers who would likely never pick up a book about a "tough topic," and to build empathy for the characters' difficult personal experience, is a very powerful method and very much needed.  We need more...
  • October 2015
    Very touching stories, and it is true that sometimes the "fictional" tale will hit home deeper than non-fiction material.
  • October 2015
    Thanks so much, Kate. Can't wait to read your book. 
  • September 2015
    Ellen, I've been giving this issue a lot of thought lately, and I was happy to see your insightful post. I understand why white writers shy away from the challenge of writing about race, but you nailed it with your comment that "silence is also a...
  • September 2015
    Ellen,  This was such an amazing read! Thank you so much for sharing your insight but for also understanding that this is a conversation worth having. I read Susan Straight's Take One Candle and Light A Room and she discussed some issues that I'd...
  • September 2015
    Ellen, I admit this isn't something I've thought much about for the characters of my novels.  Thank you for this insight; it has given me a lot to think about.
  • September 2015
    Thanks, all!

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