• October 2012
    A nap, a cocktail, read a book that has nothing to do with your current project, go out to dinner with friends. If it's possible, let your book go - find a mantra to fill that space until what you're too actively seeking finds you.
  • March 2011
    Agree completely with Pollit.  She and Steinem remain role models.  Why write about the process?  What for?  It's a time suck, unless that's the subject of your writing.  Even if you must teach this to earn a living, does this have to overflow into...
  • February 2011
    Think long and hard about whether you should have children.  And if you have children, are you ready to leave them for periods of time in another pair of caring hands - your partner, your parents, in-laws, sitters, friends?  Can you get past guilt? ...

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