• May 2011
    My husband has been so supportive... he recognizes the work and time that goes into getting a book ready and is very patient with me, even though I'm not pulling in a full-time wage because I'm focusing on fiction writing. The man is made of...
  • September 2010
    Sometimes the titles just come to me... and in those cases, I haven't started the book yet. For a few other manuscripts, they're as of yet untitled, and it's driving me nuts! But I think I'll try the highlighter method once the novel is finished.
  • July 2010
    I have to say, book trailers are such a new thing that I haven't quite got into the habit of watching them... I wonder if they're as effective as marketers say they are? I'd love to see some statistics, but who knows where to find them! I think if...

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