• January 2015
    I loved your post as I'm an avid walker.  It is my time to think through the maze of a busy life.  I have one special corner I turn and I know the light bulb will go on with another bright idea.   Thanks for a great post. 
  • July 2014
    I'm so glad to hear about your traveling thoughts, Cindy.  I just took a 6-week trip to France, Belgium and Holland and planned to blog about the amazing experiences I had.  But when you are immersed in the traveling and having those experiences,...
  • July 2014
    Great article. Love your comment, "social media is a marathon, not a sprint."  And good to hear "Klout" wasn't worth it as I tended to ignore it.  I try to blog once a week, but it usually is every other week.  I'm working up to slow blogging :)
  • March 2013
    Enjoyed this immensely Rhana!  It's on the reading list, Aloha and love.

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