• August 2016
    So honored to be profiled!
  • February 2014
    I loved this piece, Kamy - it so articulates what I'm going through in my millionth edit of my novel. I'm going to have to put a beloved, brilliant-in-my-mind in that possibly-temporary-probably-permanently-deleted-scenes folder as see if it helps...
  • December 2010
    I described 5 ways NOT to squander contacts and alienate agents that I learned in 2010 on Scribe, the blog for the Writers League of Texas:...
  • December 2010
    I'm reading 32 Candles and absolutely love it.
  • November 2010
    Just to qualify my previous comment, I still love real books, real bookstores. But, given my current family and life situation, reading requires lugging books around with me from early in the morning until late at night, which was not happening. The...
  • November 2010
    Having a Kindle has actually made it easier for me to read. Given all the responsibilities and stresses that suck up my middle-aged, sandwich-generation life, I am barely able to write, much less indulge in one of my favorite activities, reading....
  • November 2010
    what helpful comments - and thanks for the heads up re the Circle of Sisters book club - i downloaded the selections on my kindle as soon as I read your shewrites interview with Kamy. And congrats on your well-deserved promotion.
  • September 2010
    thanks, i needed that. during my publishing news vaycay, i'm unfortunately focused on seriously mundane and uninteresting household-related matters. But when i'm not doing those things, i'll write in my journal. I am avoiding the daily Publishers'...
  • August 2010
    I commented on my endless workcrastination (including what i'm doing right now), but I have been successful at "resisting its siren song." But these moments are generally intense periods of focus where I postpone all nonessential activities and do...

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