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    April 2022
  • May 2013
    Great post. We all begin someplace along that line. I was relieved when I learned about the 10K hours it takes to learn a new skill. Then I knew I wasn't so abnormal because it took me ten years to write my first book.
  • March 2012
    My big fear is related to time. I'm afraid I'll run out of time and my brain will go soft before I can write that really good novel that everyone will want to read.
  • March 2012
    Okay. Here goes. I'm good at writing dialogue. I hear the people in my stories talking in my head, and I simply write it down.
  • March 2012
    Thank you for sharing. Your plight is a good reminder that life can change in an instant without our permission. When you are back on your feet walking, in whatever shoes that will fit, you will be a more compassionate person and it will show in...
  • December 2011
    I've got about another 25 years on you. Think what I have to remember. When my children were little I remember thinking that I ought to write about all that went on during the day. I once figured out that at any given moment there could be 56...

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