• March 2014
    This was very informative. Thank you, now I have some guidelines to follow whenever I'm ready to have my story published. The publishing world can be a cold lonely place to be, but your insights have made it a little less frighten.
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    June 2013
  • March 2013
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    February 2013
  • February 2013
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    February 2013
  • November 2012
    This story was encouraging to me, a young writer just starting out. Persistence is what we all need, with heart and love for the art form we have chosen, or rather chosen us. I take heart Julie,that I'm in a community of like spirits in which I can...
  • November 2012
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    November 2012
    I agree with the posture. I guess that is why asking others to read our work is one of the keys in editing. We just can't find them all. Thanks for the comment and the like.
  • November 2012
    Great advice! Glad to know that asking a question at the end of a blog post wasn't a taboo. 

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