• May 2013
    So true. There is nothing like a REAL human being behind the facade of a computer screen. I believe the successful juxtaposition of technology is the human running it.  I'm not sure if I have fans. I don't even feel comfortable with that term. But...
  • May 2013
    Heck yeah. :)  I started writing professionally in 2003 and I'm still learning. I'm grateful for so many wonderful online people and resources to help with the process. Great post!
  • Grace Peterson commented on her article My book is out!
    May 2013
    Thank you Teonna. Best wishes to you too. 
  • May 2013
    Congratulations.. Im sure you will be dancing alllll week long. That is a wonderful accomplishment.. Be blessed...  
  • May 2013
    I've worked with several editors through the years. They're as unique as their fingerprints, aren't they? The editor of my newspaper garden column is very low-key. She doesn't mess with my work. But I'm meticulous to the point of anal before sending...
  • May 2013
  • April 2013
    Although I'm happy with hard copy books, I love my KIndle fire. As a die hard word nerd, one of my favorite apps is the dictionary. Just put your finger on an unfamiliar word and up pops the definition. Put your finger on it again and it's gone. No...
  • March 2013
    How about "complement" and "compliment"? Or "pore" vs "pour"? She pores over the dental records looking for a match."  And my all-time biggest quandary: "Guess what?" If I'm correct this is an imperative sentence, a polite request or command, right? 
  • February 2013
    Beautiful. It's all about connecting with people and I love this. 
  • February 2013
    Great post. Didn't Abraham Lincoln teach himself? And he didn't have the Internet. I think in this day and age, anything is possible with determination. There is no shame in being self-taught.  

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